Thursday 11 February 2016

Anomalies OROP Fixation


  • 24 yr X Gp Hony Nb sub's Pension is equal to 24 yr X Gp Nb Sub But 24 Yr Y Gp Hony Nb Sub's pension is not equal to 24 yrs Y Gp Nb Sub.    
  • 24 Yrs XGp Nb Sub Pension increased 10.12%. However, 24 Yrs Y Gp Nb Sub Pension increased only 0.50%.  

  • While in service Difference between X Gp and Y Gp is pay is Rs 1400 (X GP PAY ONLY).  Therefore, diff in basic pension between X Gp and Y Gp should be Rs 1400/2 = Rs 700/- only whereas in some cases diff is more than 1500/-  between  ( X and Y Gp).  Huge gap in same rank and same length of service is not justifiable. 
  • In some point of bracket of service pension incr is  0% whereas six months incr/decr service bracket of same rank  pension hike is 4 to 8% more.
  • NO change in disability pension of soldiers invalid out upto five years of service.  Service element incr  47 to 65% but disability element    incr is 0%.

X v/s Y


  1. What about disability element and service element

  2. What about 10 years initial service bond of Ex Indian Navy Sailors / Now they have Became Senior Sinior citizens and Can not actively Earn Leaving. !

    1. Sorry, I have no more background details. Pl give details as comments.

  3. It's incorrect to say that while in service Difference between X Gp and Y Gp is pay is Rs 1400 (X GP PAY ONLY). That difference is only at the starting pay. i.e. the difference of pay of recruits. On every increment (whether annual or promotional) the difference increases because increments are paid on X pay too and added to Pay in Band.

  4. I agree with Who am I?. The person who thought regarding difference of
    basic pay between X nd Y gp is only 1400 is wrong. Secondly there is no weightage given to service rendered in last rank bt ur pension is decided by ur rank nd no. Of years served in that rank. I mean Nb Subedar served only one year bt total 23 Years where as Nb Subedar served 5 Years bt total 23 Years will be having different pension in any stage of service.

  5. 1. Not agreed.

    2. Hav/Sgt on completion of 24 years service or on completion of eight years service whichever is earlier are eligible for pension of Nb Sub rank even not served single day as Nb Sub.

    3. A NB Sub 24 Yrs GP X and Y
    X GP Pen as per 555 : 11138
    Pen as per 501 : 10115
    Diff. 1023
    Y GP pen as per 555 : 9429
    Pen as per 501 : 9382
    Diff. 47
    Actual pen diff between X & Y = 976

    Now pen diff X & Y GP as per 555 : 11138-9429=1709
    Now pen diff between X & Y as per 501 : 10115 - 9382 = 733
    Now pen diff between both GP and both circular is 1709 - 733 = 976