Friday, 15 May 2015


My dear fauji brothers,
1. I just spoke to Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman IESM. Today was the last day of the current Parliament session and it was expected that before Modi Govt. completes 1 year, OROP would be announced. However there has been no announcement till now and the parliament has been adjourned. We are highly disappointed.
2. Our Raksha Mantri had been giving deadlines for the implementation of the OROP. But none of the deadlines has been met. Was he fooling us and buying time?
3. Our dear PM Mr. Modi started his election campaign at Rewari with the promise of One Rank One Pension for soldiers. Why is he silent now? Why is he not telling Jaitley Babu and Manohar Parrikar to implement OROP? Jaitley ji had said," Politicians promise many things before elections."
4. Group A civilians have already been granted One Rank One Pension indirectly by the Govt. through the NFU (Non-functional upgradation) route. Now every civilian of Group A service will get pension of at least Additional Secy (Lt Gen).
5. Even the SC and HC Judges, MPs and MLAs have been granted one rank one pension. Army, Air Force and Navy Chiefs and Commanders (C-in-Cs) have also been granted one rank one pension.
6. It is said that one former bureaucrat Mr. N N Vohra had said," OROP over my dead body." Is Modi so weak that he cannot tame the babus? He launched jan Dhan yojna in no time but OROP, tariq pe tariq.
7. The soldier of the country who faces bullets and sacrifices his life for this nation has been betrayed again. What do we do now? Should we launch nationwide agitation in form of hunger strike?
8. Our patience is being tested to the utmost now. Kindly give your views. Also do not forget to share this post/message and spread it please.
Ex-servicemen unity zindabaad.
Jai Jawaan

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